About Us

Blogs worth reading. That is the easiest way to define Blogadoodles?

But more to the point, you will find the best blog postings, entertainment reviews, travel, and product reviews. We focus on new, ecologically responsible companies, innovative products, and gifts. We review secluded places and discover unique ways to get there.

We strive for the interesting, not the re-posts. Our amazing writers use their skills to focus on the unique, with a personable style that is easy to digest and worth your time.

OK, maybe not all of them, but we won’t waste your time with spinning, superfluous rewrites, or out-of-date information. Ever wonder why there are so many blog posts on the same subject or they read like a bad pass from Google Translate? Yep, there are actually software programs that just rewrite (ahem) a post based on a few keywords. Our editors would be embarrassed if our posts were like that! And probably not work here for very long either! 

Comment areas are controlled but for those posts that ask for comments, be forewarned, Blogadoodles is a “Rant Free Zone.” No name-calling either. It’s not polite! If you don’t believe me, check out Everyday Etiquette (Peggy Post).

These really are blogs worth reading and repeating.

And, we promise to keep the scrolling words, programmatic ads, and “affiliate/news-links” to a minimum, but in all fairness, we do have to eat. We will only include those links that add relevant information or provide a convenience to the post – such as  “where to buy” or “who to contact.”

And they are always Purple Monster Approved!

Just look for the Blogadoodles’ Purple Monster Rating.

When he’s around, you know it is something worth reading!