How ‘Amazon Halo’ knows how you feel.

Type in “Halo,” and Google spits out a page of video game references and links. Add the word “Amazon,” and the Amazon Halo Fitness Tracker rises to the top of the list.

But first, full disclosure, I’m an avid Fitbit wearer. I have owned almost every model and am wearing my favorite, the Fitbit Versa 2, as I write. I use the app daily to track activity, heart rate, food, sleep, SO2, and the recently added Stress level. But honestly, a watch asking me every day “how I feel” is a little bit creepy. I do not pay for the Premium membership upgrade.

So, you can imagine my skepticism when asked to write an Amazon Halo review.

The Halo is low-key yet stylish, featuring a Velcro-like clasp on a stand fabric band. I highly recommend the silicone band upgrade. 

It is screen-free for fewer distractions and available in three color combinations: black-onyx, winter-gray, or blush-rose gold. The removable sensor capsule measures 1.64 by 0.84 by 0.41 inches (LWH). The sensor capsule is water-resistant to 164 feet and weighs 0.63 ounces.

The Amazon Halo band sizes are: small (wrists 5.25 to 6.0 inches), medium (5.75 to 7.0 inches), and large (6.75 to 7.75 inches). Silicone Amazon Halo bands are also available.

Easy Set up

Just place the Halo band inside the included USB charger with the button on the tracker facing out to get started. After a few seconds, the light signals it’s ready to pair. Next, download the Amazon Halo app (Android or iOS) and follow the on-screen instructions. 

You must download the app to finish the setup process.

And, unlike other leading fitness trackers, a monthly subscription is required to access most of the cool features. 

Communication with your phone is via Bluetooth, ensuring, according to Amazon, data safety and privacy. The app asks for your name, birthday, height, weight, and gender- using only female/male gender options to accommodate Halo’s body measurement models.

Halo also provides comprehensive health reports. It tracks sleep, activity, workouts, heart rate, weight. And recommends at-home workout programs, guided meditations, sleep sounds, and other ways to stay healthy from experts like Lifesum, SWEAT, and Headspace. These are all similar to the most popular fitness trackers.

But there are some differences.

Amazon Halo Analyzes Your Tone of Voice

The Halo analyzes your tone of voice, uncovering vocal patterns to help you understand how you sound to other people. It’s optional, and the app walks you through the setup process. 

Body-Measuring Your Body Fat

Amazon claims that Halo, powered by a new proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), uses the first app-based tool to measure body fat. This metric offers a better picture of your health and fitness than weight alone.

Using a full-body snapshot (taken in minimal clothing), the Halo analyses your body fat composition in less than a minute, providing a Body fat percentage and comparison range for age and gender. Amazon claims that the Halo Body fat percentage is different than that read from Smart Scales. Your scanned images combine into a 3D image of your body at different stages.

Amazon Halo Provides Utmost Privacy

According to Amazon, the scans are stored either in the Cloud or on your phone until you delete them, and “No one but you sees your scan images unless you choose to share them.” 

So, is the Amazon Halo the best fitness tracker? 

Well, if you are at the start of your fitness journey or abhor scales, Halo may be a perfect fit. Amazon Halo is reasonably priced. But a monthly subscription is required to receive the full benefits of the device. It is lightweight, charges quickly, and tracks both sleep and activity. It works with Alexa, a big plus for many.

However, if you are training for the next decathlon, the lack of GPS tracking could be a big negative. And the feeling and tone analysis a bit intrusive.

Purple Monster Rating (5/5):

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