How to use the Purple Monster Rating

The Purple Monster Rating is simple. It is a basic rating scale given to all Blogadoodles product, travel, and entertainment reviews.

Why did Blogadoodles include Reviews and Ratings?

Managed well, a review system creates value. It provides reliable information and develops consumer confidence. But many Reviews whether they are book, product, restaraunt, hotel or tree-house are trite and admittedly, somewhat self-serving.

Many reviewers are even paid for a 5 star or “good” review.

The Blogadoodle Difference

Our 1 to 5 rating is based on a product’s quality, reliability, easy of use, and relative cost. In the case of entertainment reviews – authenticity, sit-a-blity (the ability to sit through the performance), and believability. For food and travel reviews, we look for yumminess, location, atomsphere, simplicity, and uniqueness.

We tried to keep it simple. The rating is indicated by the number of little Purple Monsters at the end of every review.

For example, this is a rating of 3 out of five: (3/5)

To give you an idea, please use the following guide as a reference.

Purple Monster Rating Scale

1 = OMG, please give me my time and money back!

2 = The remote was across the room, Alexa is not working or it never made it out of the box!

3 = That was OK, since the alternative was the “Honey Do List”

4 = Very Cool!

5 = More Please!

So please enjoy. We welcome your comments (just keep them polite)!